Finest Neurosurgery Medical Billing services

Millennium Medical Billing is an adored medical billing company contributing extraordinary class billing for neurosurgery and many other speciality-specific needs of medical practices. Our billing solutions are lucrative and reasonably priced. We extend our superior quality services to all types and sizes of practices.

The speed of our coding and billing experts is on par with the ever sprouting insurance and other payer guidelines.

Reliable Neurosurgery Billing services for Hospitals & clinics

Our expert team  vigilantly promote themselves to the necessary skill set in billing and coding. This helps us to accomplish extensive neurosurgery medical billing and coding solutions at ease. As a renowned player, Millennium Medical Billing is well-versed in processing claims, bills and statements.

Two senior doctors are performing Neuro surgery on a patient while other nurses are standing for operation support
Two doctors are discussing the complication of handling the neuro surgery and one neuro specialist lady is checking the details via computer technoloogy

The Wise Decision For Billing Needs:

With our quality medical billing and coding services, medical practices never lose their revenue. We utilize the latest advancements in Information technology along with the strong support of our experienced team to get your needs fulfilled in the best way possible. Our services are accurate, prompt, on-time and at the same time reasonably priced.

As complicated as a brain tumor resection:

Neurosurgery medical billing and coding are as complex as that of a brain tumor resection or spinal electrode placement. The codes might seem as complicated as the functioning of the brain when handled by a lesser experienced coder. We at Millennium Medical Billing demonstrate extreme attention even to the minute details in neurosurgery coding and billing. This quality of us has helped us to maintain our client retention rate to 99% and more.

Our expert coders are professionally certified, which is an attestation for their excellence. The coders are well-versed in applying the appropriate codes. The team is experienced working in cross-platforms for every illness, and every medical procedure involved in neurosurgery and all other specialities.

Benefits of Millennium Medical Billing:

  • Our coders are professionally certified.
  • 100% compliant and adhering to all federal laws and regulations.
  • Regular contact with neurosurgeons, medical professionals and insurance payers.
  • Well-experienced working with software applications like e-Clinical Works, Nextgen, Practice Fusion, Kareo etc.… and coding software like, Encoder Pro, Codelink etc.…
  • Clean coding and effective billing irrespective of the speciality and its complexities.
  • Our awesome customer support is 24/7 ready to attend to your needs.
  • Effective use of modifiers for fullest reimbursement.
A model of a brain and a stratoscope is placed on $50 bills

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