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We feel pride in our amazing customer service as our team of excellent and communicative representatives ensures to deliver fast and reliable solutions with a customer-focused approach.

Our recent customer satisfaction report shares a high-level customer engagement. More than 95% of our customers are happy to choose us because of our quick and professional service.

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To build a long-term relationship of trust and loyalty, we initiate the process by offering a free consultation to the clients interested in our services. Our representatives will listen attentively to your requirements and identify gaps to share customized plans according to your needs.

Experienced Medical Billing Professionals

MMB is an experienced corporate-level company with dedicated and expert medical billing professionals. We are committed to paying attention to the details and knowing how vital it is to use the correct ICD and CPT codes with the applicable modifiers. We deal with a wide array of specialties in billing.

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Here is a list of services we offer at Millenium Medical Billing:

  • Medical billing.
  • Medical coding.
  • Consulting and revenue.
  • Medical or healthcare credentialing.
  • Our fees vary depending on various factors, including specialty type, average adjusted charges, and customized services required by the provider.
  • MMB is one of the top-rated revenue cycle management companies in the US.
  • With a proven track record over the past few years, MMB’s excellent healthcare technology, comprehensive service portfolio, and exceptional solutions lead to improved collections and cost optimizations for healthcare providers.
  • Yes, at MMB, we have a team of experts who efficiently handle inbound patient queries on physicians’ behalf.
  • We also make outbound patient calls for appointment reminders, wellness visit reminders, vaccination, and balance reminders for outstanding payments.
  • Yes, at Millennium Medical Billing we offer a detailed analysis of our charge practice to evaluate if there are any flaws in the billing process.
  • In such cases, our team offers charge forms to ensure a fast payment process.
  • At MMB, we deliver medical billing services for a broad range of specialties.
  • Some of the most common specialties include spine surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, pain management, gastroenterology, family practice, ENT, and geriatric medicine.

Avail of our most affordable outsourced medical billing services by consulting with our team of healthcare claim experts.
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