Improved Sustainable Growth After Availing Our Billing Services

A Successful Case Study

Medical Specialty Handled: Interventional PainDiagnostic Radiology Regenerative Medicine

Service Offering: Full-Service Billing

It is a pain management center providing services in interventional pain, diagnostic radiology, and regenerative medicine. Before us, the client was taking outsourcing services from another vendor. He faced horrible follow-up on billed claims, with innumerable claims never paid or paid at a significantly reduced amount.

The client was unsatisfied with the performance of the previous outsourced billing service providers. Initially, when we took his account on a trial basis, he was frustrated because of the limited collections he was receiving every month.

  • Improper claim denial management that increased the number of rejected claims.
  • The services provided by the previous vendors were not updated with the current norms of the healthcare industry.
  • The previous vendor was not responsive in managing the Accounts Receivable.
  • Poor resources to follow up on claims.
  • Limited collections month after month.
  • Unprofessional business relationships.
  • Access to billers.
  • The use of HIPAA compliant digital technology enabled secure data protection.
  • Improved Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services help in better management of practice’s revenue.
  • With our team of certified professional medical billing experts, we strive to add value in the whole medical billing process.
  • Our workforce is motivated, result-driven, and trained for success.
  • Our updated software system ensures automated basic billing functions.
  • Boost in revenue of the medical practice.
  • Sudden increase in collection percentage.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Less time worrying and more time focused on treating patients.
  • Faster reimbursement process with proper claim denial management follow ups.