Improved Collection Rates and Increased Revenue After Availing Our Services

A Successful Case Study

Dr. Douglas J. Spiel

Dr. Douglas J. Spiel

Medical Specialty:Interventional PainDiagnostic RadiologyRegenerative Medicine

Service Offering: Full-Service Billing

Our client is a pain management center that provides interventional pain, diagnostic radiology, and regenerative medicine services. They were previously using another outsourced billing vendor, but they were unhappy with the level of service and the low collection rates.

  • Improper claim denial management resulting in increased rejections.
  • Outdated services that did not meet the current norms of the healthcare industry.
  • Poor accounts receivable management and lack of responsiveness.
  • Limited resources and follow-up on claims.
  • Unprofessional business relationships and restricted access to billers.
  • Provision of specialized Out-of-Network MM, MVA, and WC billing & collection service
  • Improved Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) processes for better revenue management.
  • HIPAA compliant digital technology for secure data protection.
  • Certified professional medical billing experts add value throughout the billing process.
  • Motivated, result-driven, and well-trained workforce ensures success.
  • Updated software system automates basic billing functions.
  • Accurate and prompt billing to payers for faster reimbursements.
  • Increased efficiency in managing insurance and patient account receivables.
  • Improved collection rates and Increased revenue.
  • Reduced stress and increased focus on patient care.