Accounts Receivable and Client’s Collection Increased

A Successful Case Study

Medical Specialty: Physician

Service Offering: Full-Service Billing

John K. Zafaranloo is a medical provider practicing in a small private clinic in Staten Island, New York. Before us, the client was not getting the services from any other vendor. He was doing everything on his own.

To better evaluate our billing services, the client asked us to deliver our services first on a trial basis. After getting satisfied with our high-end tracking and performance reports, the client confirmed to utilize our billing services for his medical center in New York.

  • Rising cost to operate the practice along with the lowering insurance
  • Need for referral authorizations on almost everything.
  • Insurance companies have been progressively lowering or not paying at all forancillary testing.
  • Accurate and timely claim submission for enhanced efficiency.
  • Authentic verification of claims and timely follow-up with patients for obtaining accurate insurance information.
  • AR follow-up for outstanding claims.
  • Reduced claim denial rate after careful analysis and management.
  • Addressing all sorts of challenges that come on insurance carriers due to poor credentialing.
  • Minimized rate of billing errors.
  • Detailed performance tracking reports to the client daily.
  • Improved and faster reimbursement rate.
  • The medical billing process at Millennium Medical Billing ensures clean claim filing by the help of professional and certified medical billers.
  • Our advanced billing software ensures secure data storage and enhanced quality control.
  • There is a proper track record maintained for the rejected claims or denials.
  • Neat and clean claim submission and filing to insurance companies.
  • Operational efficiency improvement.
  • Consistent access to information needed.
  • Getting fruitful suggestions about new business opportunities to increase revenue.